Australian Reefers Leukaemia Foundation Fundraiser 2022

By Damian Ciccotelli

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I’ve taken a stand against blood cancer.

Today, more than 50 Australians will be told that they have blood cancer and tomorrow - another 50 families will be devastated by the same news.

I have created this page to raise vital funds to help provide the special care that is needed to get families through a blood cancer diagnosis as well as to help fund more game-changing research into this disease. 

The money I raise will help provide care for those in need right now — and it will back the brightest researchers to continue uncovering faster diagnoses and better treatments to save lives. 

Please show me your support by donating to my fundraising campaign.

My Achievements

Congrats! You've hit your goal!

$80 raised - you've given a family a night of emergency accommodation!

You've covered genetic testing!

You've given a family a whole weeks accommodation near treatment

$1,000 raised - you've made a tube gene test with state-of-the-art-technology possible

You've covered 3 months of lab costs for vital blood cancer research

You've fund life changing research for 3 months

Thank you to my Supporters


Koby Willie

Love from KF coral


Marc Kirsten

For KF Coral hammer. Fowlr_Bob


Cristina Ferrer


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Guy Parker


Ania Nerowski

Thank you for creating this fundraiser!


Crystal M

Amazing job with the fundraiser Damian


Lindsay Elphick

Shroom pack from CDU


Allison Holt


Silvia Kutle

Well done! Auctions 13, 18 and 8


Christopher Elias

Postage for ekoral doser




Cameron Fleet

Thanks for organising, my screen name was Camothor


Christopher Elias

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Great night guys, well done! (1,6,20,25,41,61)


Cameron Fleet

Thanks for a great night and organising you’re a legend. Camothor was my screen name


Matt Bohn

Auction 17, 38, 43, 68.



Auction item 46. Great work



Great work with the auction. Items 7, 15, 24


Fiona Muller

Great work with the auction. Items 7, 15, 24


Frank Sartor

Auction 38 Blue powder tang Melbourne fish fix $180.00 Auction 67 Pack2 SPS pack $120.00 Total $300.00


Marina Argyros


Kids At Play Therapy

Coral cartel


Mitch W

Auction 58 - Goni Pack


Zac M.

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Mike Reef

Monster Hornet zoas


Jacques West (jkwest19)


Gavin Jackson

Auction 31



Hi Damian This is the donation for your Acid Reflux zoas



Auction 64 Donar : Sascha Kara Item : high end sps pack which includes a large pc rainbow, rani and a fox flame


Brett Statton

Champ mate. Thanks for donating ur time and effort. U guys did a great job.


Marc Kirsten

FOWLR_Bob Auction Items 4,5,8,10,19,34,48,72


Steve Ah Tow

Hi Damien, thanks for a great effort last night. This is my $80 donation for the Auction 12 - Coral Cartel. Scuba Steve


Mark Gordon


Damian Ciccotelli



D Forrest

thanks for your efforts. auction item 17 cheers d


Chris Mchugh (chrisss_91)

Thanks for doing such an amazing job mate








John Kiley

Acans (11:04pm 8/4) Fireworks (12:41pm)


James Barger



Discord- PeaInPod



Well done organising a fantastic fundraiser! ❤️🐠🪸


Frank Sartor (torchg)

Hope you get more than last year,good luck.



Keep it up friend.


Emma W

Absolutely love your work Damo ❤️



Well done to you and your family mate for all the great work achieved over the years to raise money and awarenesses for a great cause. Bloody legends


Bodgie From Straya



Awesome work Damo 😁



Thank you ❤️


Cicco’s Fragz



Enzo D'agostino

Donazione per la fondazione



Looking forward to the day when there is a cure to leukaemia and most cancers. Thank you Leukaemia Foundation and Damian for the excellent effort. Best wishes ♥


Emily Matthews & Paige Scioscia

Thank you for making a difference. X


Raquel F


Cicco’s Fragz