Fundraising ideas

Smash your goal with these top fundraising tips!

Update your profile photo and tell your story

Log in and update your online fundraising page. Your photo and story have incredible power to inspire donations.

Back yourself!

Be the first to make a donation. The first couple of donations on your page will set the trend for donations to come – so, get the ball rolling by donating to your own campaign!

Share, share, share!

Social media is a great tool to ask people to sponsor you, so get posting! Social media is also a great way to thank your sponsors, give fundraising updates and countdown to your event. Don’t forget to add a link to your fundraising page every time you post!

Ask everyone

Think about anyone you can ask to help you in your mission to beat blood cancer.

An excellent place to start is to make a list. Ask family and friends, colleagues, local businesses and classmates. Send them an e-mail or SMS with a link to your fundraising page and keep a checklist of everyone you have asked so you can follow them up. When you log in to your fundraising page, you’ll find e-mail templates to help get you started.

Be specific

When you ask for a specific donation amount, you’ll raise nearly twice as much as those who don’t! Your sponsors will be more generous if they understand the impact their donation will make.

Get crafty! 

Do you have a unique skill? The ability to draw or a secret obsession with making homemade jewellery? Auction it off online! Do a live stream online auction or simply offer your skills in exchange for a donation. 

Raffle it

Reach out to local businesses that might want to get their name out there with a product or voucher. You can then raffle these off by promising one entry for every $5 donated to your fundraising page. It’s a boost for you AND the business! Win-Win! 

Sell, sell, sell! 

Declutter and hold a virtual garage sale. You can list your ‘pre-loved’ goodies on websites like Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Let people know in your listings that the money is going toward your fundraising goal, and you might snag a better deal (or even a donation)!

Bake cakes, make money

Bake sales are a perfect way to fundraise! Find your favourite recipes and sell them at work or school. You could even ask your local supermarket to donate the ingredients.

Get your workplace involved

Many workplaces want to give back, so ask your employer to match your fundraising. And while you’re at it - add your story and online fundraising link to the work intranet or send out a blast e-mail to the office. Rallying together for a cause is a great way to boost morale.

Follow up! 

Most people will want to support you in reaching your goal! People are busy or waiting for payday, so it’s always good to gently remind people how they can help you.

Say ‘thank you’

Nothing shows appreciation like a heartfelt thank you. 

Thank everyone who donated, volunteered or gave prizes.  If you’re feeling creative, you could post a thank you video for everybody to watch. By saying ‘thank you’ publicly, you will also remind others to support your event if they haven’t already done so.


Break it down! 

Asking five people to donate $20 means $100 toward your goal!