Jashlini's 10th Cancerversary

By Jashlini Nand

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I’ve taken a stand against blood cancer.

Hi everyone,

In honour of being 10 years cancer-free from Hodgkin's Lymphoma (a type of blood cancer), I am raising funds for the Leukemia Foundation. Rather than giving me a gift, please donate to the page to "...help provide the special care that is needed to get families through a blood cancer diagnosis as well as to help fund more game-changing research into this disease. "

"Today, more than 50 Australians will be told that they have blood cancer and tomorrow - another 50 families will be devastated by the same news." Any amount is appreciated.

Thank you,


Event Information

Saturday 15th July 06:00

My Achievements

Congrats! You've hit your goal!

$80 raised - you've given a family a night of emergency accommodation

$340 raised - you've covered genetic testing!

$560 raised - you've given a family a whole weeks accommodation near treatment

$1000 raised - you've made a tube gene test with state-of-the-art-technology possible

$4800 raised - you've covered 3 months of lab costs for vital blood cancer research

$10,000 raised - you've funded life changing research for 3 months