Build It Like Brad

By Kevin Kerr

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I’ve taken a stand against blood cancer.

I have created this page so I can turn a fun idea into a good cause.

At the best of times I have a few weeks of whiskers and a clean hair cut. But if you have met my best mate Brad, you would see his manly head is the exact opposite, big clean cut beard and a smooth polished head.

For the last three months I have been fertilizing my baby whiskers so they can grow to the Lumberjack Ned Flanders you would see today.

So, from today all haircuts have been cancelled and the beard and moustache will continue to grow until the end of July. Which I will be shaving my head and hopefully sculpting a beautiful beard so I can look just like my mate Brad.

Everything I raise will be going to the Leukaemia Foundation, so I would love for people to get behind me and help support a good cause.

Event Information

Friday 13th May

My Achievements

Congrats! You've hit your goal!

$80 raised - you've given a family a night of emergency accommodation!

You've covered genetic testing!

You've given a family a whole weeks accommodation near treatment

$1,000 raised - you've made a tube gene test with state-of-the-art-technology possible

You've covered 3 months of lab costs for vital blood cancer research

You've fund life changing research for 3 months

Thank you to my Supporters


Bradley Privett

Love you man xxx


David Crowe

Keep up the good work mate! you look like a dirty wizard at the moment!


Claudia Estrada

All the best Kevin for your friend :)




Chhabi Gurung

Keep your good spirit up and up Kev👍



Good on you Kevin - Well done 👏👏




Tahlia Hayter

Good stuff Kev.




Brittany Allison

Love your work Kevo, can’t wait to see the big shave!




Courtney Godden

Great Cause🙂🙂


Matt & Ellie


Kelly Marwick


Ross And Manz


Kevin Kerr