In Celebration of Judith O'Connell

By Kristy Sawtell

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Celebrate of Judith O'Connell

Judith worked and volunteered for the leukaemia foundation. 
She helped organise the 'light the night' fundraising event that is held annually by the leukaemia foundation.  

I believe Judy was part of the light the night event held many years ago in Cook Park in Orange where her family lives. 

This was a very special time in Judy's life and it would mean the world to her knowing you donated to this worthy cause. 

I’ve taken a stand against blood cancer.

Today, more than 50 Australians will be told that they have blood cancer and tomorrow - another 50 families will be devastated by the same news.

I have created this page to raise vital funds to help provide the special care that is needed to get families through a blood cancer diagnosis as well as to help fund more game-changing research into this disease. 

The money I raise will help provide care for those in need right now — and it will back the brightest researchers to continue uncovering faster diagnoses and better treatments to save lives. 

Please show me your support by donating to my fundraising campaign. 

Event Information

Sunday 05th December 07:00 - 17:00

My Achievements

Congrats! You've hit your goal!

$80 raised - you've given a family a night of emergency accommodation

$340 raised - you've covered genetic testing!

$560 raised - you've given a family a whole week's accommodation near treatment

$1000 raised - you've made a tube gene test with state-of-the-art-technology possible

$4800 raised - you've covered 3 months of lab costs for vital blood cancer research

$10,000 raised - you've funded life changing research for 3 months

Thank you to my sponsers


Family And Friends Of Judith

This donation is from all the friends of Judith O'Connell who attended her funeral. Ian and Rhonda also donated $100



Love you to the moon and back! . You are now my guardian angel. Say hello to Uncle Terry, Max and your mum n dad in heaven.


Fornasier Family

We send our deepest sympathy for your family lost and darkest moments. We hope your family is able to celebrate Judith's life joyful memories and these memories provide you all comfort that Judith is resting in peace. Big hugs The Fornasier Family