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By Quan Nguyen

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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

My mom was diagnosed with AML, an aggressive type of leukemia, in October 2023. Despite a challenging journey ahead, she is in good spirits.

With research and better treatments, I hope one day the survival rate will reach 100%. 

I am running 1000 kms in a year to fundraise for the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia, the national charity that funds cutting-edge leukemia research for over 50 years.

Please join me in my efforts to support leukemia research and help people diagnosed with blood cancer to live longer and healthier lives.

All donations are greatly appreciated. Donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

Thank you for your generosity and support! 

My runs are on Strava.

My Achievements

Congrats! You've hit your goal!

$80 raised - you've given a family a night of emergency accommodation!

You've covered genetic testing!

You've given a family a whole weeks accommodation near treatment

$1,000 raised - you've made a tube gene test with state-of-the-art-technology possible

You've covered 3 months of lab costs for vital blood cancer research

You've fund life changing research for 3 months

Thank you to my Supporters


Sean Clay

You machine 😀


Krassen Ratchev

Get after it, husky!!


Sonam Bhutia





All the best! Big hugs from Thailand <3


Ngoc Lai

All the best for your Mum, Quan! I hope she will recover.


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