Ironman / Be Brave and Shave

By Jonathan Brunner

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The Road to May 2

As anyone who has seen me since lockdown knows, triathlons are now the majority of my personality. I've shifted away from trying to keep up with current events or crack jokes and have instead just repeated that "an Ironman is a 3.8km swim, 180km bike, and then a marathon. Won't be forgetting sunscreen that day haha."

As Ironman Australia approaches on 2 May, I’ve decided to reach for additional motivation by using the event to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. 

On a serious note, every day 47 people in Australia are diagnosed with blood cancer (leukaemia), and every day 15 people diagnosed pass away. Blood cancer can occur in any person, at any age, in any state of life and health. This resonates sharply with me because this year my healthy, 23 year old cousin felt lethargic one day, went to the doctor, had a blood test and commenced chemotherapy a week later. Her treatment is continuing and so we're doing all we can to support her from the sideline. We have no family history of blood cancer. This disease does not discriminate.

As long as I complete the Ironman, I have two donors willing to match every dollar that you donate. 
Your $20 becomes $60, funding a support coordinator to be by the side of a newly diagnosed patient. 
Your $40 becomes $120, used to purchase lab equipment used for research.
If you donate $226 - one dollar for each kilometre I complete in the Ironman, it becomes $678.  

And to further seal the deal, I'm putting my body even further on the line with a variation of be brave and shave: if I raise $10,000, I'll wax my legs. I have no idea how to brace for the pain, and if you'd like to make that happen then be sure to donate !!

My Achievements

Congrats! You've hit your goal!

$80 raised - you've given a family a night of emergency accommodation!

You've covered genetic testing!

You've given a family a whole weeks accommodation near treatment

$1,000 raised - you've made a tube gene test with state-of-the-art-technology possible

You've covered 3 months of lab costs for vital blood cancer research

You've fund life changing research for 3 months

Thank you to my Supporters




Zoe Mcnamee

Go Jonty! From your bad neighbours x


Rob O’hara

Love ya Jonty and love your work in getting ready for this. Being this dedicated to the training regime is a ridiculous achievement in itself, so it’ll be brilliant to have you bust out this bohemouth very sooooon! Thanks so much for yesterday mate. Was an epic day celebrating an even epicer (the epicest) bloke!





Love your work


Simon Watkin

Go Jonty-enjoy the event


Courtney Bates-brownsword

Wow Jonty I had no idea you were an athlete?! You should have brought it up!! Best of luck


Lady J

Go hard Jonty you are a superstar just like your Mama 🏃🏻‍♂️


Christina Jane Thomas

Keep up the awesome work Jonty ... you're in the home straight! What a great cause - well done.




Maddie Hompot

Go jont you legend


Rachel Monahan

We're behind you and your cause, Jonathan! Great work and good luck on the day!


Fiona Eslick

Good luck with the fundraising and the Triathlon - I am sure you will smash it Jonty!!


Alice Wilson

Good luck Jonty!


Ed Baghdasarayan

Well done mate - Great cause!


Freya Appleford

Go Jonty!


Sean Lowrie


Noah Steward

You bloody legend


Paula Rc

What a great cause Jonty! Hoping you can raise the 10K and more! You can tell us all about the IM / waxing experience in our May GT call :) Good luck!


Helen Mcgee

Fair play Jonty! Best of luck on the day! I'm sure you will smash it! H


Annabel De Mestre


Tom Beverley

Go hard! Enormous effort - anyone that swims with jellyfish, whilst getting kicked in the face, swallowing salt water etc. that then has to run a marathon and lazy 180km cycle deserves a donation! Smash those energy gels :)



Good luck mate!


Karim A Raphaël

Well done for getting involved and for supporting a great cause. Best of luck to you on the day and to your cousin.


Nick Houseman

Best of luck and a great cause to support too.


Sarah Stevens

Good luck Jonty. Now everyone will be much less impressed with the marathon I'm going to run on 1 May because it's "just" a marathon!



love you jont!! very proud xx


James Nickless

You absolute legend. Such a great cause and let’s hope every dollar can make a difference. All the best in May 2nd - I’ve done the Port IM a few jealous of the feeling you will have crossing the finish line!!


Jono Malone

Great work, best wishes for the fundraising efforts.


Alex Courtney


James Mcadam

Good luck mate


Steffi Breidenbach

All the best with Ironman. Great


Nana And Grandad

Give it heaps. We are proud of the effort you are making.


Leonie Forster

Such a wonderful time with your Mum last night. Go well 💕


Ava Harrison


Jill, Matthew & Henry

Like son! Go well and well done.


Soph Hadley

Good on you!!


Annabel Tremain


Aunty Megan

So proud of you Jonty. Wishing you all the best for race day. xo.


Caroline King

Amazing work!! Remember Nutri-Grain will fuel this event 😊


Barbara Brunner



Such a good cause Jonty good on you!!



Wonderful cause Jonty! Enjoy the Ironman journey.


Angela Moscou

Go Jonty!!!💪



#1 Ironman!!!!


Somerset Mcgourty


Jack Ridley

Get slippery!



Good stuff Jonty



Go jonty !!!!!



Good work jonty x


Ellie From The Vic

Hope you’ve got the energy to come join me at the Vic afterwards 😏😏


Jaime Ford

Good luck Jonty!


Georgia Mann



Great stuff Jonty!


Josh Stevens

Well done mate! Great cause. Good luck with it 💪🏾


Rossbank Inc.

Hi Jonathan, Not surprised it only took until March for you to beg me for money again. I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t so predictable.


Georgia Boric

“Yeah I’ll just do a long run and a long ride this weekend”





Good luck and it’s a worthy cause.


Nick De Bres

The photo is a bit arrogant but good luck xx


Emily Brunner

Good luck !! ❤️❤️


Jonathan Brunner